You Are About To Discover How YOU Can Literally Make The Stock Market Produce Consistent Cash Flow For You....

In the next few minutes, I'm going to reveal the secret that has been quietly bringing thousands of traders success in the markets.

Armed with the secret....

You will Place Trades That Have The Odds Of Success Stacked In Your Favor!

It's Like Having The House Advantage In A Casino!

Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Karoly.  I'm a board certified Ob/Gyn by training and have been in private practice in Georgia for the last 21+ years.  I'm also a trader who has learned the insider's secrets from the best in the business.

But, do you want to know something interesting?.....Just a few short years ago....

I Couldn't Make Consistent Money In The Markets!

It's true.

Let me tell you my story....

My love affair with the markets started in 1996.  I came home from a long day as a 2nd year Ob/Gyn resident to find an advertisement in that evening's mail from Ken Roberts.  It was for his futures trading course that he referred to as "The World's Perfect Business."

I ordered his course and devoured all of his material...

Friends, from that point on, I was hooked....

It's funny....I still keep Ken's Trading Tools Pouch on my desk that came with his course all of those years ago.  It serves as a reminder of when and how my love affair with the markets began....

By the way, I'm sure that you remember Ken's Trading Tools, don't you?....Complete with Ken's Official Stainless Steel, Cork-Backed Straightedge...(well, you can't draw support and resistance lines with just a ruler, can you?!)

There was also Ken's Official Red Trading Pen, which of course, is the ONLY pen to use on your price charts!  There was Ken's Official Chart Tabs, so that you could quickly flip open to the market that you were watching.....

I'm dating myself now because who has paper charts anymore?  Everything is now online, of course!

The Ultimate Crown Jewel of the Trading Tools was...

The Official Ken Roberts Commodity Trading Card!

It was like a baseball card for a star athlete, but instead of game statistics, it had inspiring messages on the back, such as "Real men don't use stops!" and "Everything tastes better with mayonnaise!"

Well, I jumped in head first into the commodity markets and pictured myself wearing a smoking jacket while enjoying a cigar with Ken Roberts in my imaginary, house-sized humidor...

Needless to say, I did not experience the success that I had hoped for...

BUT, I did get the trading bug, which has stuck with me for the last 24 years!

I went on to blow up several trading accounts.  I then read any and every book out there that had anything to do with trading the markets.  I even went to a course about getting my trading psychology right for success!

I basically had figured out every way to NOT be successful in the markets over the next decade.  I would watch in horror as a trade would go against me day after day!  I would HOPE that the market would reverse!  Let me tell you folks, HOPE is not a good trading strategy!

The pain would finally get so unbearable as my open position loss would grow and I would finally close my losing position ONLY TO WATCH THE MARKET REVERSE!

It was as if I would get out of my losing position at EXACTLY the worst price!

I became convinced that Mr. Market knew exactly what my position was and did everything in his power to make sure that I would lose money!

Have you ever felt like that?...

Every year when I would turn in my tax information to my accountant, I would tell myself that NEXT year would be my break out year and my accountant would be in awe of how much money I had made that year....

I would say things to myself like, "If it wasn't for those handful of bad trades, then I would have made money this year!"

Sound familiar?

My wife would see me staying up late after work reading trading books and studying the markets, night after night.

One night she came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, "It's so sad."

I was like, "What are you talking about?"  She said, "I've watched you put thousands of hours into studying the markets and you have nothing to show for it!"........OUCH!!

Those words cut me like a knife!


I was about to give up my long standing dream of figuring out the markets, when....


One day, almost by accident, I was watching an investing presentation being given to graduating college students, expecting the information to be the standard Wall Street half truths.....BUT...

This man was saying things that were completely ANTI-WALL STREET and he was talking about how the individual trader should be able to beat Wall Street Money Managers.

He got my attention!

He was talking about concepts that I had never heard before, and remember, I had been studying the markets for 10 years at that point!

I thought to myself, "How have I never heard of this before?"

Needless to say, I began studying and learning his techniques.  It was as if I was seeing the trading world for the first time without a blindfold!

It was hard for me to contain my enthusiasm.  I went to my friends and family and showed them this same information.

The responses that I received from my friends and family were shocking to me.

I would ask them how their new "education" was going and I was expecting them to be as enthusiastic as I was, BUT......They sounded frustrated instead!

They were telling me that they just didn't understand the information!

It was as if they were listening to a different language and they simply stopped trying to learn.  They went back to their old way of thinking, which was.....

"This is all too difficult, let me just give my money to the 'professionals' to manage."

Then I realized  that I had been studying the markets for so long, that I had taken for granted the ability to "speak the language of trading."

I knew at this point that I needed to break down the concepts into smaller, easier to digest nuggets of truth in order for my friends and family to understand and absorb the material.

Many of my friends and family would simply say, "Won't you just manage my money for me?"

While I was flattered by their confidence in me, I wanted them to have the satisfaction of creating their own success and not being dependent on anyone else for that success.

I wanted to teach them HOW to fish instead of just GIVING them fish!

It dawned on me at this point why the financial services industry has such a stronghold on people in the United States...

Every day individuals put more thought into what's for dinner than what to do with their retirement dollars!  They have become convinced that the "professionals" on Wall Street are the only ones who have the magic knowledge needed in order to manage money......THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!!

Who cares the most about your money?.......YOU DO!!

Just like we have been taught to "get a good education, get a good job, and save up for retirement," we have been trained to just turn over our hard earned money to Wall Street and "forget about that money until you retire."

The major problem is that there are a HUGE number of people getting ready to retire and Wall Street DID NOT achieve for them what they had promised!

I have several colleagues who are thinking about retirement and so many of them say that their retirement accounts are no where near what they thought they would be at this point in their careers!

Let's look for a moment at the ACTUAL results that Wall Street has provided with all of their special skills ( can you feel the sarcasm?)....

The folks at tastytrade did a great study that demonstrates just how bad Wall Street's performance has been...

They looked at 5 "uncorrelated" ETFs (exchange traded funds) in every possible combination of being long (owning the asset), being short (selling the asset and hoping to profit by a down move, then buying it back at a lower price) and being flat (having no position in the asset).

The fact that these ETFs had very low "correlation" simply meant that the ETFs did not typically move together.  So, if one ETF went up in value, the others may go down in value or stay flat.  The assets didn't necessarily behave in a similar manner.

This would be similar to Wall Street saying to "diversify" your portfolio.

THE FINDINGS WERE ASTOUNDING!! ....  The average return was 2% per year across all of the different possible combinations of assets.  Some years a portfolio may make 20% or lose 20%, but THE AVERAGE RETURN ACROSS ALL OF THE POTENTIAL COMBINATIONS WAS 2%!!

2%!! .... That doesn't sound like the 9-10% per year that Wall Street had promised!

It turns out that 2% is just enough of a return to pay for Wall Street's fees, but leaves nothing for the hard working people of this country to live on in retirement!

Did you notice the 800 lb gorilla in the room?....


The study looked at every possible combination of 5 assets....that's 243 possible combinations!

It wasn't a matter of just finding the right combination of assets that worked because.....THERE WAS NO COMBINATION OF ASSETS THAT WORKED!!

BUT, I can tell you that if you randomly picked any combination of those 5 assets in that study (any of the 243 possible combinations) and used our trade logic with those assets, that you could put the odds of success on your side by changing the probabilities in your favor!

Friends, the time has come and it's LONG overdue....

It's time to learn how to manage your own trading account and FIRE YOUR WALL STREET MONEY MANAGER!


Our System Is Based On Several Core Truths Of The Market:

1) If you buy a stock, then you have a 50/50 chance of making money.  Period!

That is the cold hard truth!

It doesn't matter if you use Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis....

The stock that you own can either go up or it can go down...

There is NO way to predict the future price movement!

If you are looking for the "Holy Grail" tool that will tell you which way the market will go, then let me do you a big favor and save you a lot of time and money in the process......STOP looking for the "Holy Grail." .....IT DOESN'T EXIST....

The key to success in the market is not what you may think...

This leads us to the 2nd Core Truth Of The Market:

2) Actual movement in the market is virtually always smaller than expected.

Now, at first hearing this, you may not fully grasp what this means and how it translates into profits for you.

I explain it fully in my book, The How To Beat Wall Street Trading Manual

But for now, just know this....

You don't have to know which way the market is going in order to make money!

You can change the odds of success from a coin flip to as close to a guarantee of success as is possible given the constraints of time!

Now, I'm not telling you that you will win on every trade, but if you use the techniques in our system, then you can achieve success by placing the odds in your favor!

These techniques are the missing link that separate the successful traders from the unsuccessful traders.

Imagine yourself learning these techniques and making the transition from a struggling trader to a successful trader! 

You will realize that success in the markets has nothing to do with picking the right stock at the right time or trying to find the next Google at $1.00 per share!

Success comes down to simple math!

By simple math, I'm talking about structuring your trades in a way to create probabilities that are way in your favor.

It's like having the House Advantage in a casino!

This trading method doesn't require you to sit in front of a computer screen all day.


This takes only minutes per week to use once you fully understand the system.

And while I can't tell you all of the secrets that I've learned about producing consistent cash flow from the markets in this letter....there is now a way for you to learn these methods....

The How To Beat Wall Street Trading Manual

I want you to imagine being CONSISTENTLY profitable in your trading...

What would that be worth to you?

Can you afford to NOT have this information?

I thought about sharing this information in the form of an online course, which I would typically sell for $1,000 or higher, but if you act now......

You can get the book for just $47 (includes free shipping)!

My goal is to find individuals who want to learn how to trade the market successfully.

If you want to learn, then my book will give you an actionable framework for how to navigate today's market.

In this special book, you will learn.....

  • How to know your probability of trade success at the time of trade placement (page 19)
  • How to sell "time" for profits (page 22)
  • How listening to the talking heads on TV costs you money (page 34)
  • How to buy options the smart way (page 52)
  • How paying attention to RISK FIRST leads to Long Term Profits (page 76)
  • How to achieve dollar for dollar stock returns for a fraction of the cost of owning the stock AND have built in downside protection (page 84)
  • How to scale your trades over time to compound your account growth (page 88)
  • How to increase your return for every unit of risk that you take (page 117)
  • and much much more....

Now, I must let you know that my book is NOT FOR EVERYONE....

If continuing to do what you are doing is working for you....

If you're not willing to try something new....then, my book is not for you...

BUT, if you are teachable and ready for a change, then you are exactly who I wrote this book for...

Since I want to give you every opportunity for success, I am also including a free month of my newsletter, where I answer reader's questions and provide live trades that demonstrate our trade logic. (Normally, $27 per month)

If you are not ready to order the book, then you can sign up for my Free 8 Part Email Trading Course below....

I wish you all much success in your trading....

Dr. Mike



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